Great many happenings and traditional events take place each year in the village of Samarina. Vlachs of Pindos, are the local people who were always faithful to their Christianity, with deep Greek consciousness and loyal to their tradition, customs and morality.

The events in the village start at the 23rd and 24th of June with the custom of "Kleidona" on behalf of the celebration of Saint John the "Kleidon". However, a large number of people visit the village after the 1st of July. That day, which is the celebration of the Saints Anargyroi (Kosmas and Damianos), there is a church-going and later a rise in the church of Saint Athanasios. During the evening the villagers use to visit all those people who celebrate their name day. In the same way, prophet Ilias is celebrated on the 20th of the same month.

The custom of "Kleidonas" resurrects in Samarina in also another version. On the 23rd of June, during the evening, the women of the village decorate a crock with flowers and place inside their rings. Then they fill the crock with water from the fountain of "Great Madonna" and accompanied by a local band of traditional instruments, they go round the fountains of the village ending up on the square where they keep on dancing. The next day (24th of June) on the evening, they start again from the same place and by singing they end up again on the square. They empty the water from the crock and take their rings out by making wishes. Then a convivial follows and dance with the participation only of the women.

At the 26th of July is the celebration of "Saint Paraskevi" and a glorification takes place at the monastery with the participation of a great number of religionists. Then a raise takes place at the courtyard of the monastery and then traditional dances, while many inhabitants spend the night over there. The next day, the religious icon of Saint Paraskevi is transferred to the village of Samarina escorted by people of the church. The people from the village wait at the church and when the icon is there they chant and walk all together directing to the square of the village. There it takes place an asperges, adoration and auctioning of the icon. The one to offer the most oil takes the icon for one night at his house. The next day the icon is being given to all the houses of the village.

The celebration of the "Assumption of Virgin Mary" at the 15th of August is considered to be the "Pass Over" of the people of Samarina. It begins the same day with a church-going in the "Great Madonna" and the participation of many people that come from every place of Greece. In every yard of a house, one can see people barbequing lamps. At the 16th of August the Holy Mass is being chant with the participation of the archbishop of the city of Grevena. After the Mass, at the courtyard of the church takes place probably the most significant of the events, the traditional dance with the name "Tsatsos" in which first to go the dance is the oldest inhabitants of the village. People hold hands with each other and dance in two rows. One for the men and one for the women. They all sing "a cepella", which means without the companionship of instruments.

At that day is the name day of many people such as Despoina, Panagiotis and Maria, so people use to visit all those who have their name day. The day is also offered for excursion at the surrounding areas of the village. The same scene is repeated and at the 17th of August with the participation of less people this time. All of the three days the happenings and the dances are endless and escorted by a lot of food and drinking till the early morning hours. At the events the participating bands are those of "Minas" and "Gelis".

At the 18th of August is the celebration of the neo-martyr Dimitrios from Samarina. A church-going takes place at the church of Saint Dimitrios. At the 19th of the same month the villagers use to go the monastery of Saint Paraskevi. In the church of Saint Kosmas there is a glorification for the celebration of Saint Kosmas of "Aitolos" at the 24th of August and dance follows at the yard of the church.

The last event takes place at the 8th - 9th of September when the Birth of Virgin Mary is celebrated (event of Little Madonna at the homonym church). After the church attendance, dance is held outside the church with traditional songs, while with code-whistle the instruments come into the dance.

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