LANOI WINTER OFFER - Vasilitsa Snow Center

LANOI WINTER OFFER - Vasilitsa Snow Center

Hiking & on foot excursions

In the peak of Smolikas which is the highest in the area (2.637m) one can go through 3 different paths. From the first one, it takes 5 hours to reach the peak. The second one starts from the road just outside the village while from the third one the excursionist can use its car till one point where he has to stop and walk for 3 hours to the top. The foot of the mountain might be full of different types of trees; however the top of it is entirely naked. From over there it can clearly be seen the city of Giannena, the city of Kastoria, the mountain Vitsi and Albania.

The most used route is through the north exit of the village, near the communal hotel. Northwest from the hotel starts the path, through the pine forest, with many signals that help the traveler find his way. First stop is the "fountain of the lady" for water supply. The course through the pine forest goes northwest and last 1 hour and 20 minutes till the place of the "captain". The total time of the climbing from Samarina to the 1st peak of Mosias is around 3 hours and 30 minutes. In the wonderful route till here, the aged pine trees are mixed with the beech trees. One more one hour and a half is needed for someone to reach the highest peak of Smolikas at an altitude of 2637m. The landscape has a wild, rare beauty as well as the rest areas of the mountain chain Pindos.

There are furthermore, other nearby beautiful places for excursions for which one can be informed by the people of the hostel.

Road trips & car excursions in the mountains of Samarina

The visitors of the village have the ability to choose between the too many different road trips in the surrounding area of the village. At the end of their destination they can leave the car and go on walking.

One of the nearest routes, unique in its view is the current of Valia Kirna, northwest from Samarina. It steams from mountain smolikas and crosses the whole area for about 6 kilometers. Via a forest road, which sometimes can be rough, one can reach the place where the current ends up to 2-3 amazing waterfalls.

Heading southwest from the village, in the foot of the mountain Smolikas, the travelers can meet two lakes known as "Drakolimnes" (or Dragon Lakes). Alpine tritons exist here while a few minutes walking away one can meet the most famous waterfall of the mountain, the Apa Spintzouriata (meaning the hanging water).

The proud-standing mountain of Gomara can be one more destination for the visitors. Located in the border limits of the villages Samarina - Smixi and Distrato, is raised in 2028 meters. The peak of it is naked with some spare bushes and few pine trees. The view from here includes the village of Samarina, mountain Olympos and the city of Kastoria.

The mountain Skourtzia (1.840 meters) is in the northeast side of the village and it is a rocky mountain apart from the places covered with beech trees. The Dotsiko village, the Helidonou sink area and the location "Stavros" are the places of the mountain that afford the best view. The Greko-Romios peak, with1.800 meters has the same characteristics with the Skourtzia mountain.

However, the most important destination of the visitors, especially during the winter time is the ski resort of Vasilitsa which is just 12Km or 20 minutes away from Samarina. Snowed during most of the months of the year provides the visitors with the possibility to try skying, snowboarding, riding snowmobiles and going excursions to snowed peaks.

With the village of Samarina as a foothold, many daily excursions can be organized during the months May to November, such as:

• The village of Konitsa through 2 wonderful routes a) North from the village via the monastery of Saint Paraskevi (Kerasovo) and b) southwest via the villages Distroto - Armata - Pades - Palaioseli, Elefthero and certainly one can go on and visit the Zagorochoria.
Valia Calnta through 2 "blach" - villages, the one of Periboli and the one of Avdela. The road goes on and reaches the magnificent lake of Vovousa which is separated by the river Aoos and united by a unique single-arc stoned bridge.
• The village of Aetomilitsa - Grammos north of the village via many incredible routes.
• On their coming or on their way back, the travelers can have small deviations from their destination and meet the village Spilaio with its wonderful and unique canyon and the bridge of Portitsa. Furthermore one can admire the waterfalls that exist just before the village Aetia, from 2 appropriately set observatories.

Finally, from month January till the end of June, depending on the water level, the excursionist can try rafting on Venetikos river, near the city of Grevena. The river is one of the best youthful destinations with a unique view and 3 different routes of varied difficulty. River activites can also take place in the river of Aoos, next to Konitsa.

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